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Twelve Days


My last long week of training was last week.  It’s hard.  Something I look forward to, and something I cannot wait to be over.  It’s a milestone in any race distance.  It makes you feel so accomplished and strong.  Thinking about it in the beginning of training is worrisome.  You look ahead that far, and it is a scary feeling. Wondering how it will even be possible to reach those distances.  Then, you get there, and the reward of that week is so sweet.

My last long week went great!  I felt strong in all 3 disciplines.  I guess that means I am ready.  My nutrition has come together so wonderfully.  I just feel good all the way around.

Now I am in the T-word!  Taper.  This is always a period for me that I can honestly say on a daily basis I have to check my self, physically AND mentally.  I have to remember that every single day of taper will be different for me.  It is such a challenge.  Waking up feeling great!  Waking up feeling sick.  Waking up feeling achy, and that there is an injury coming on.  Waking up laughing and happy, only to be in tears 30 minutes later.  The major rush of emotions is hilarious!  Today….it seems hilarious!  Although, as I sit and write this, I just got my Ironman number, which sent me to tears.  Tears of joy, relief, nervousness, anxiety, happiness and achievement.  Tears for knowing that all of this hard work is about to pay off.  The rubber meets the road in 12 days.  Tears that as HARD and long as Ironman training is, there is a little sadness to it coming to an end.  Tears, that 3 days ago, I said “I will probably never do another Ironman”, but then thinking, Yah…Yah I will… because thinking of never doing another one makes me feel a bit sad.  I love the distance and the challenge.  I love training with my friends and the camaraderie of Triathlon in general.  It means so much more to me (and to most) than just a race.

I just need to hold it all together for twelve days.

12 days….

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