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Thanksgiving!  My most favorite of holidays.  I see it as more of a state of being than a holiday though.  I thinking everyday should be thanksgiving.  But as the holiday goes, it’s my favorite.  No pressure, just relaxed time, a lot of laughter, family, friends, and LOTS food.  What could be better?

In our home as we gather around the table every year, we have a tradition of going around and saying what we are thankful for.  What brought us joy.  What grew us. Each of us taking time to remember the past year, and give a little slice of what we loved!

I try to live out almost every single day in a state of joy-full-ness and thank-full-ness.  I am just a person that sees something great in everything.  In every circumstance.  If not, I have the wonderful choice of changing it….if by nothing more than changing my attitude…

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