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A Little Scratching. A Little Cleaning. A Little Focus.

Travel is done for a bit now.  Coming off of our Honduras trip was like coming back from the moon.  It took time to re-acclimate to life in Idaho.  I was in a little bubble for about a week..NOW,  it’s time to get down to business again.  Running business.  Training business.

I decided late last week to officially scratch from Ironman Lake Stevens in July.  Tough decision, being I have never missed a race.  (I take that back…one sprint Tri several years ago, due to incredible sickness…the kind of sickness that we won’t speak of)  Here’s the deal…life sometimes throws a curve ball, in this case, it was ALOT of travel and fun…and not enough training time.  That’s fine.  I mean…I really can’t complain about the travel.  Could I have raced Lake Stevens??  Yes!  ***But, for me, at the risk of a possible injury.  I don’t know.  It would’ve been ugly, and I just felt that it was really in my best interest to let it go.  I have to be smart, and train smart.  So I withdrew and will race it another year.


I took 4 days this week while my Wiley Coyote of a daughter was at Track and Field Camp at WSU to absolutely de-clutter every closet in my house!  That’s a lot of closets. (You have NO idea)  The purging of the closets, was so cleansing for me.  In a way that I didn’t expect.  I was sad and had my head hanging about Lake Stevens….and then as the un-needed stuff <read crap> came out of the closets, and I saw these fresh, clean, organized spaces, I thought….this is JUST what I needed.  De-cluttering of the mind.  Trip after trip to the trash, Goodwill, the dump….until it was all gone.  My closets are clean, my head-space is clear, and I have a fresh, new, outlook for a race plan.  I needed to kick that old race away.  I have.  And I feel good about it.  Refreshed!

So, back to training.  Running!  With occasional cross-training with my girls.  “Occasional” meaning, most swim and bike days.  But my focus has tilted and I am ready to start my new training plan for a Fall marathon.  If I pick up a few 5 or 10K’s along the way, so be it.  I am considering a couple different ones, Portland Marathon and Tri Cities Marathon.  Both in October, both look and sound like a great time!  Neither I have done before!  New races make me excited!

Monday, I am back at it.  I have been scouring over training plans.  I have done this before, but ya never know what kind of nugget you will pull out of various plans.  By Sunday night, the plan will be set, and Monday will be D-Day!

D-Day |ˈdi ˌdeɪ|noun the day• the day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take effect: 

I’m looking forward to being back on a training plan.  I guess I don’t function well without one.  It’s such an internal fight for me…not wanting to be tied down to a “plan” but knowing that I need a focus.  That’s how I succeed.  That’s the type of person I am, and how I roll.   And I know if I “fail to plan, then I should plan to fail!”


It was kind of ironic this afternoon when I went to pick up Wiley-Coyote from camp.  We had an “end of camp” pow-wow, and one of the coaches addressed the campers and parents.  Wow did he have some great stuff to say.  Sitting there, I got SO pumped that I wanted to jump out of my chair.  It was the final motivation for me.  He even talked about Olympic track and field athletes that were set up for greatness and things didn’t end up so great, and that sometimes in life, this happens.  It’s what you do about it after that makes a huge difference.  This is so true.  I could sit and beat myself up about missing this 70.3 or I could clean and sharpen the lens and Find the focus!

Monday….I Run!!




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