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You Have Me Swooning Over You

About three weeks ago I blogged about having a major break-up in my life.  It was tragic.  Devastating.  My heart was broken.


I scoured my home for break-up mix tapes from the 80’s.  I couldn’t believe the love had drained out of my life so quickly.  I barely had time to place Band-Aids over my heart…ahem, my heels.  This break up was with my trusty running shoes.  When you run in the same shoes for years, there really is a little romance that goes on.  It’s a relationship.  You’re excited each morning (or evening) to lace up.  You know they will fit just perfect.  You know what they have carried you through, and where you plan to go in your future.  You look forward to the nice, new, clean, pair that arrives.  They are with you mile after mile.  Through sweat, tears, sprinklers, streams, trails, the heat of the road, track workouts and race after race.  They are your partner in crime, and your beloved, companion for your therapy sessions (long run.)

Unfortunately, this had to come to an end.

GREAT news!! I found an awesome new pair that I am loving!  Altra zero drop shoes.  Zero drop, meaning they do not have an elevated heel, allowing for a more natural foot strike.  They align posture and reduce initial impact by 3-5x.  One of my favorite features is the foot-shaped toe box.  I have these tiny, little, narrow, feet.  But when I run I like my toe to feel free, to wiggle and spread out.  Hubs says I have monkey toes….  Just because I can spread all ten toes, pick up things and practically write my name with my feet, doesn’t mean I have monkey toes.  I have no idea what he is talking about. images-3  That being said, I LOVE this wide toe box.  They are also gender specific.  I think all shoe manufacturers should adopt this feature.  Men’s and women’s feet are just as different as everything else.  The women’s have a narrower heel, longer arch, and specific metatarsal positioning.  And they come in sweet colors (which I adore) like raspberry, fuchsia and, lime.  Totally swooning over these!!


I was so nervous to try a new shoe…but things happen.  I am in by no means knocking my old shoes.  They served me well for years.  I am just over-joyed that I found a new pair that I love.  No blisters, no pain, and really no transition time.  Although, I have been running in minimalist shoes for years, and if you haven’t, it will take you some time to get used to the Altras.

I feel like a kid…Do you remember when you were young, and you got new shoes and our Moms would say that the new shoes would make you run faster?  Maybe the shoes had lights, or sparkles, or lightening bolts…and they made you screaming fast!  That’s how I feel!!


I am 6-weeks into marathon training and feeling great!  I haven’t had any issues with knees, IT’s, ankles or shins.  Queue the halleluiah choir.

I am also looking forward to start training for my 3rd Ironman.  I didn’t tell a lot of people before registering.  I was unsure about which event I would do for 2014, but when Boulder opened as a new 140.6, I could NOT resist!!  So Aug 3rd next year…Ironman Boulder it is!!  Makes my stomach flip-flop out of excitement and anxiety!!  That’s how it is for every race I sign up for.  Hoping to get some pointers on higher altitude racing.  Thankful we are not even near sea level up here in the mountains of northern Idaho…but we aren’t 5400 feet!!  Can you say, “breathing through a straw?”

Gonna be a great challenge!!


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