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Day Six-Faithfulness

This word; Faithfulness can have such a broad stroke.  It can blanket a myriad of things.  We think of family, spouses, friendships, even the faithfulness of man’s best friend.  It’s meaning is loyal, constant and steadfast.  Devoted, dependable and honest.  The list can go on.  It can also mean veracious, unwavering, and obedient.

Today I am thankful for Faithfulness.

I am blessed beyond comprehension to have a spouse that is faithful to the core, in every aspect of his life.  He is a faithful husband, devoted father, adoring son and kind-hearted brother.  He is faithful to his career and the company he works for, going on 17 years.  He’s faithful to his service at our church in running their sound, and playing in the worship band.


But in my life there is another faithfulness that goes beyond my hubs, family and friends.  This faithfulness comes only from the Creator of the Universe.  It took me years to figure this out….and by no means am I even skimming the surface, yet.  That’s why I love when El Shaddai-God Almighty, gives me a tangible glimpse of His unwavering faithfulness.  This morning, as I sat reading my morning devotions and praying about ALOT of upcoming travel, this small piece of paper fell from my book.  It was wedged in the dates June15-16.  I recognized it immediately and knew it was from when we were on our mission trip to Honduras this past June. God had whispered this to me, and the morning that I wrote it on this paper, I sobbed in my my hubs arms in our hotel room in Tegucigalpa.  Again this morning,  I sat and cried thinking about how God has just opened up our hearts for mission work.  God broke my heart for the Hondurans while we were there.  He changed my outlook on life in a way only He can do.  The compassion I have always had knit into me from birth has broadened beyond anything that is humanly possible.  Ever since, the Hubs and I have been praying and waiting for opportunity and a clear decision of what to do next.  I prayed for open doors, and God has literally pulled the hinges off and carried us right through the door.  This paper was my confirmation! photo

As I am preparing to leave with another mission team this Sunday, I was SO thankful for this slip of paper.  His promise.  His faithfulness.  It’s a  comfort in faithfulness that surpasses any temporal earthly love and allegiance.  I cannot wait for the trips we have lined up for Honduras next year, as well as a few other places on this globe.  I am utterly thankful that I am wrapped in God’s faithfulness.  ~He does know the desires of our hearts.Psalms 374

*For info on upcoming Honduras trips feel free to contact me and visit the AFE (Amore, Fe y Esperanza- Love, Faith and Hope) website.


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