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Day 13-Thankful For My Broken Heart

Not understood by some, but today I am grateful for my broken heart.

Tough day today in Oklahoma, as we finished up our job with our dad and daughter. Saying goodbye, seeing their tears is bittersweet. They were so grateful and it was like saying goodbye to family. They are now a part of our story. The Psalms verse I posted yesterday was intentional. During our floor laying, I asked the man of the house if it would be alright for me to write a scripture verse under the floor, on the subfloor. He said ONLY if we would write it again so he could see it everyday. He chose a cut off board from his flooring for us to write it. When we arrived the next day to finish the job, it was hung on his wall. A blessing and promise of safety for this tornado stricken home.

Today we visited the biggest area hit along with the school site that was destroyed completely. They lost children in this storm. I couldn’t help but think if it were my own children lost. We walked around the memorial area, elementary school chairs from the classroom all in a row, crosses, stuffed animals, a football, American flags; I can’t fathom such loss. We read about each of these children on memorial boards, saw photos of their young faces, saw family photos. As I walked I prayed for each family. I prayed that God would bring peace and healing upon each of them. I prayed Romans 8:28- “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

God has once again broken my heart for the families of Oklahoma. We have been immersed in loss since Sunday, but feel God’s presence everywhere. I see this community pushing forward. Rebuilding. We’ve seen His grace. Witnessed His love and compassion. Seen Him use us to give hope to these people. We have been His hands and feet.

As the days wear on, and our bodies are fatigued we continue to remember the sacrifice that was given for us. This in comparison is nothing. We are grateful to be here, grateful for our tired bodies, grateful for our heightened emotions, and grateful for our broken hearts. Without them, none of us would be here.




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