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Day 15- Thankful for Sorority Sisters

Our time here in Oklahoma had been a lot of work, however I cannot let you think it’s 24/7.
The church we are staying at has dorms that we are all staying in. Men in one, women in the other. There are nine of us women getting awfully cozy in this dorm. We are in triple high (yes I said TRIPLE) bunk beds. All of us opted for bottom bunks and fortunately there was enough room for us to use the bunk over for our “dresser.”
This group is definitely lively, laughable and high energy! When we come dragging into the dining hall in the morning and the guys are looking well-rested, it is our own faults. The guys go in, and go to sleep. The women…not so much. We have tried to keep a lights out curfew, but then get to giggling, and talking and then rolling around and laughing. One gets up to shut off the lights, and someone yells out! No wonder our mornings are a beeline to the coffee pot. HOW can you have this many women and not have a giggle-fest? It’s our outlet after a hard days work. It’s time to de-stress after mentally fatiguing days. This is hard work! So to be able to let loose and LAUGH is just the best.




20131115-161701.jpg My little slice of Heaven right there.

Just like real sorority sisters there will be a forever bond with these ladies. We know too much about one another now….
I adore each and every one of them and am thankful for my sorority sisters in OK! I’m also a tiny bit thankful the for earplugs my friend in the next bunk gave me. HeeHee

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