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Day 28-Thanksgivng


I am just thankful for this day.  thanksgiving-quotes5

As we gather around our tables with our family and friends may we remember what’s truly important;  relationships, love, laughter, appreciation, togetherness, those stolen moments when eyes sparkle with pure joy,  our freedom, our health, authenticity, eyes creasing as smiles appear,  loyalty, our faith.

As we prepared for our meal today cooking and baking, my hubs and I stopped mid-kitchen.  How many Thanksgivings have we hosted?  How many times have we prepared this meal together?  Music on, dancing around our kitchen, we laughed out loud remembering past mishaps, pies that didn’t set, recipes that didn’t turn out, the dreadful turkey mishap of 1996.  He looked at me and said, “Baby, it’s all about the stories and the journey we took to get here.” He continued, “When we are old, think of the laughter and merriment we will bring to our kids and grandkids when we recall all of this!”  Time…thats another thing I am thankful for.  It’s something to never be taken for granted.

Thanksgiving-QuoteMy heart swells with joy when my family and friends enter this home.  To bring them in from the brisk, fall air, into the warmth, to a table overflowing with feast, to football, and piano recitals, to playing games…to hear the exultation that is THANKSGIVING is luxury beyond compare to me.  There.  Is.  Noting.  Better.

May God richly bless each and every one of you this Thanksgiving.


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