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imagesI have for the past 2-3 months taken a hiatus from social media.  IE: No status updates and/or checking FB.  (My blog auto-posts by WordPress so I don’t even have to go on for that)  It has been a breath of fresh-air.  In listening to women in my Life Group a few weeks ago, it seems that this is actually a growing trend (among my friends)…or at least should be.  I heard these women talk about feeling inadequate, feel stressed, feeling “left out” due to social media.  WHAT??  Isn’t it designed to make us more social?  In reality, a lot of times it’s a smorgasbord of competition without purpose, disguised and wrapped up nicely as a well-meaning “status update” or to just get some attention, get a “shout-out” or show someone the life they aren’t so fortunate to be leading.  It’s caused such a fracture and downward spiral in how we truly relate with one another.  

UnknownNot to mention the TIME it takes up.   Wow!  One woman said, she couldn’t believe how time consuming she allowed it to become in her life.  Then one day..she deleted, and had HOURS in her day to actually DO stuff.  Imagine that!  I realized this a few months ago.  Was I on FB and Twitter too much?  Was it consuming my time?  I didn’t really think so.  After all, I’m not even ON it a lot.  I mean, I am a weekly checker or a every two week checker.  I do not have the app on my iPhone or IPad, don’t have the desire to see “real time” updates from people ….but I realized when I took entire months off, even that minimal time of checking it once a week/every two weeks took time away from family and friends. During the time off I was amazed at the time it freed up.  What happened was I found I had more time for volunteering, more time for church activities (even threw in a quick mission trip a few weeks ago) I had more time to run and train for Ironman, more time to study for the groups I lead.  I went back to Yoga, had more time to write, to read more.  I had more prayer time and time to study my Bible and had more time for craft ideas…

After I took the time off I  deleted, weeded, “hid” posts from people and “hid” people.  Do I need to see your life’s hour-by-hour play-by-play, your vulgar jokes, what color your <fill in the blank> is?  No!  I think if we are friends….lets get out together and do life.  And that’s is exactly what happened!

I love seeing pictures of my family.  I have family all over the country and it has been a great way to keep in touch.  So before you think I’m bashing ALL SM, I’m not.  But honestly, I see some people post 5, 6, 7 times A DAY!!

What I realized is maybe some people don’t actually have friends or family that they are spending time with, that maybe they are searching for a way to validate their lives!!  images-1 Everyone needs a purpose.  Something to do, a life to lead.  I believe SM has made us less social.  I like that instead of “talking on FB/Twitter” we actually get together.  Have dinner.  Have friends over more.  DO more things.  My people talk in real-time, and face-to-face.  Imagine that!  Our laughter is heard and not through an LOL!  We see one another smile and not through the use of emoticons.  We physically hug and embrace one another and sometimes, as any true friendships do, we cry together and can actually hand one another a tissue.

I am going onto “hiatus” again.  It’s the holidays and I definitely don’t have time to take away from friends and family right now….

I’m always in search of a life less ordinary, set apart and this seems to be “less ordinary” Spending time with friends and family…..What used to be the norm has now been pushed to the back burner of society.

So instead of posting about life, (or reading what others are talking about)…I’m living life.  Learning something new.  Traveling more of this amazing World!  Cooking for people.  I even suggested among my friends (that are learning Espanol) that we do a Spanish night….I’ll cook, but we can only speak Spanish! Can you say…fiesta??

Living a life less ordinary…an uncommon life…taking time out…Luke_2_13_14(2)

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas.  I hope you enjoy your holiday season, parties, feasts, family,  friends and remember the true reason for this season…

And may your two thousand fourteen be extraordinary unforgettable!!


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