Fur Babies-Day Five

Off on one of his adventures in the neighborhood…shows up COVERED in mud, like any boy would do!

Off on one of his adventures in the neighborhood…shows up COVERED in mud, like any boy would do!

On my Tree of Thanksgiving during the Thirty Days of Thankfulness, my fifth day goes to the fur kids, (or kid) in my life.  That’s right our dog Tucker.  (I said kidS first, because we do have a hamster named Hodgens, but…well, ya know, he’s a hamster)  But the king of this house in the fury sense, is Tuck.  This gorgeous, loving, blond-haired, Golden Retriever.  IF you have never had the privilege of owning a Golden, I urge you to RUN out, right now, and get one!  Throughout my lifetime, I have had many dogs and cats.  Both the Hubs and I grew up with dogs, and we have had dogs ever since becoming a couple.  But THIS dog…he stole the whole show!


What a Cutie! This was about a week after we brought him home!



Such concentration as he crosses a log on a hike at Stevens.

One thing about Tucker.  We had to fight to get him and are still fighting for him.  We were promised a pup when we made the four-hour drive north from Minneapolis, MN to pick him up.  After hearing that he would be our friend and companion, the seller, who was very proud of his prized hunting dogs (Grandparents featured in Field and Stream magazine etc) decided that Tucker was already sold to a hunter in South Dakota.  I literally thought the hubs was going to go to blows, when the said North Dakotan’s son showed up after a call to come and pick up the dog.  Luckily, my hubs is mild-tempered, diplomatic and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  The men-folk went off for a discussion, while our then 9-year-old daughter sobbed her eyes out holding her new puppy.  Finally, the SD’s relented, the pup owner gave in, and we brought home our baby Golden.

Snow Dog

Snow Dog

Fast forward 5 years and here we are fighting for his life.  Six months ago on a routine vet visit for a booster shot we discovered Tuck has a severe heart condition.  The next day we spent 9 hours in the WSU Cardiac Center, finding out his prognosis.  Grossly enlarged heart, pressing on his lungs and ribs, atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia…  They put him on an amazing amount of heart meds (10 a day) took him off all forms of exercise, and sent us home with a 6-month to possible 3-year life span depending on how well he tolerates the meds, but he will eventually go into heart failure.



photo copy 4

Fun at the dog park

We have followed protocol perfectly and now 7 months has passed.  Praise God for that time.  From day one we have said that Tucker was our “Love Sponge” (that’s his nickname) and we aways say he has a huge heart and a love tank that never fills.  He is by far the best dog we have ever owned, and it breaks our hearts that his time will be cut short.  He is now, unbelievably spoiled.  Meaning…we spoil ALL of our dogs, but this dog….wow!  How can you say no to his face?  When my hubs comes downstairs and we are wrapped together in a blanket on the couch….all I have to say is “he has a heart condition!”  and Tuck POURS on the look.  For that…he stays on the couch.

He (and I know he’s only a dog) has taught us so much these past six months about living in the moment.  About taking opportunities while you can.  About reaching out and LOVING THE HECK OUT OF THOSE AROUND YOU.  To not sweat the small stuff, like the Golden hair on my couch.  To be extra thankful for every breath you take.  That even a walk to the end of the street can be monumental.  To not take time for granted.  To do WHAT you love with abandon.  To live out the length of your life as well as the width.

photo copyThis past summer we took Tucker camping, swimming and hiking a lot.  Three of his favorite things.  The doctors said this was a No-No (no exercise) but another thing this Golden boy has taught us is that life cannot be lived in a bubble.  You can sit in your home, full of fear and be completely miserable or you can take the risk and head out onto the limb.  You have to enjoy what you have.  If it’s what you love and have a passion for, then GO FOR IT!


A little swim while camping with friends this summer

photo copy

He matches me bag for bag. Brings them in, drops them in the kitchen and comes right back out into the garage for more.

Breathe every breath of life  and squeeze everything out that you can.  If you die doing what you love, that is a life well-lived.  Every day as I stare at his now graying muzzle, which breaks my heart to see on a 5-year old dog, I am thankful.  Thankful for his hair on our carpet, because I know all too soon I will miss it.  Thankful for his pantry raids to eat our bread (or his occasional busts into the guest room to eat visitor’s energy bars) thankful for his willingness to take care of us when we don’t feel good, or sit with me while I am in an ice bath.  Thankful for his smiles (YES this dog can smile on demand) thankful for his grocery carrying abilities , thankful that he shows an unwavering love and zest of life even when his life is in jeopardy of ending.  And thankful for his loyalty and show of unconditional love in any and all situations.

He changed us.  As much as he was meant to be ours, we were meant to be his, and as much as a dog needs his human, we have needed him, in our lives and in our hearts.  Lessons learned from our most trusted companion.photo copy 5

HOW can you say No to THIS face??

HOW can you say No to THIS face??

Chillin' like a Villain

Chillin’ like a Villain

Yes, he loves a little dance party, just like his Fur Mama!

Yes, he loves a little dance party, just like his Fur Mama!

Pumpkins-Day Four-Thirty Days of Thankfulness (Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe)

photo copy 2

That color.  That taste.  Their cute round little bellies.  Pumpkins.  They are just the embodiment of autumn.  Pumpkins, and all squash (I’m also crazy for butternut and spaghetti squash) are the quintessential taste of fall.  I started seeing sugar pumpkins way back in August, I think.  THAT  may be a bit early for me, as in August I am still enjoying my fun-fest of summer, but as soon as September rolls over on my calendar I am ravenous for all-things-pumpkin.  In this house we have a funny story of the pumpkin.  When (I will not name the child due to possible red faces) one of our tow-headed babies were young, they could not pronounce “pumpkin.”  We had a new kitten, and said child asked to name the cat “Pumpkin” or Mucko as it was pronounced.  So…we had a beautiful, burnt orange, kitty named Mucko Pie.  To this day, I cannot look at a pumpkin without calling it a Mucko.  So in this house, it’s all things Mucko for the season.

This afternoon I roasted some sugar pumpkins to make puree.  That way, when the need arises…ok, this is every day for me, I have it readily available.  The fresh roasted stuff is so much better than canned, when making any pumpkin recipe.photo copy

Roasted Pumpkin Smoothie

1/2 cup Fresh Pumpkin Puree

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

3/4 cup coconut milk (or any non-dairy milk of choice)

1/2 tsp pure maple syrup

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/4 tsp cinnamon

4 cubes of ice

photo 1After cutting, scooping, roasting and pureeing the pumpkin, *after it cools* place into VitaMix add add all other ingredients except cinnamon.  Blend on high until well mixed and smooth.  Pour into glass and top with cinnamon.

photo copy 3