An Ageless Inner Child


Two days ago I had one of those days that will be etched into my mind forever. I think every day that I live on this planet, I have something to be grateful for, but this day….this particular day was exceptional!

I woke up and drove down the beach to a neighboring community for a yoga practice. Practicing on the beach, in the sun, with the waves crashing right in front of you, is second to none in my book. Before practice, we talked about having no exceptions and having a child-like sense of wonderment. To not allow “should” to come into your mind, as in “I should be IN this pose” or “I should be able to get into this pose.” Instead….forget it, and allow yourself to be like a child, who, never thinks that they need to or should be doing something. They just do it. If it works out, fantastic! If it does not, what happens? Most often THEY LAUGH! As we went into tree pose, she then asked us to close our eyes, which makes the pose that much harder (for me anyway.) It’s easy to have balance when your eyes are open but shut them, and you have to really find some inner focus. Your drishti. She reminded us that if we fell out of the pose to




and to not put pressure on ourselves OR our practice. *For the record, I am a HUGE proponent of laughter! Even at my own expense (just ask my family.) quotes-the-purpose_5321-1

After leaving that morning, I thought about those words all day. It’s what I took off my mat. Be Childlike. When is the last time you allowed yourself to feel like that? To let go of fear? Of expectation? Of the pressure to be perfect or get “into a pose” To laugh hysterically when something


work out? My hubs and I talked about the fact that when we were younger, we just did stuff, throwing caution to the wind…. Build a bike ramp with the neighbor boys, and then have the same boys lay on the ground one after another past the ramp, and see if the boy on the bike can jump them all! Build a treehouse with a Tarzan swing to get down, tied to a limb by your sweet friend from next door, who was just learning to tie her shoelaces. And GUESS WHAT? You tried the swing out on the first try without even thinking about the safety. The fact that you could fall to the ground never crossed your mind. We were fearless. We didn’t even believe that we were incapable of doing things. We were adventurers and crusaders and pioneers of the unimaginable. How about learning something new? We tried, and if we didn’t quite succeed, WE LAUGHED! It never crossed our minds to get upset. Ever!

How do we lose that?

Unknown-1 They say “older is wiser” but sometimes that means “older is limited.” Limited in our thinking, our actions, and our behaviors.

The words from our yoga teacher stuck with me throughout the moring and as we went out surfing later that day. It was late afternoon, and we figured if we only had an hour, it’s STILL an hour on the water! It was so incredibly enjoyable out there. We were having a blast! We were being a little bold. And guess what? LAUGHING! Laughing-out-loud at nothing, other than the sheer thrill of what we were doing right then. Laughing at our stupid mistakes that sent us flying off our boards or being tossed and turned in an underwater washing machine of salt and sand (ahem…me) that had us rolling along the bottom of the sea. We felt like kids. Entirely in the moment, throwing caution to the wind and just being present on the waves in the warm ocean.e9fc788cf15b3f8542f8576b962c87c5--teaching-children-quotes-quotes-children

Then it happened.

As I headed into shore on a soft pillowy wave, I turned to paddle back out. The sun was setting, and I hadn’t even noticed, BUT when I turned around the sky had changed into the most extraordinary work of art I’d ever seen. Brush strokes of bright oranges and

P I N K!

The water in front of me turned the most amazing rose coral, and I sat up on my board and just started crying. Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it’s made you cry? I sat in the rosado water with a sky bursting open, and I just cried. At that moment I was so incredibly beholden by what I was seeing. I continued to paddle out to where my hubs was floating, transfixed by the same sun-setting sky and he said: “Do you see this the same way I am?” We were both so taken by nothing more than the sun, the sky and the sea. I thought for a second that I wished I had my camera; to have a witness to such artistry. Honestly, I could have paddled back in, but I just sat there and knew that it was going to have to be a moment that I simply remember. Like all of the great memories in childhood…we didn’t always have a camera handy. There were no cell phones and selfie sticks….you had to bank the experiences in your mind tucked away to pull out and relive later.
I think living in Costa Rica has allowed for more of a child-like sense of wonder in us. Living in another country, you are continually seeing and doing things that are different from what you’ve become accustomed to. It’s exciting! I love the fact that we can wake up every day and learn and discover something new and most of the time I DO feel like a child, laughing as we speak Spanish that is not always correct, learning the different animals, reptiles, and bugs and being wholly astonished when a Toucan lands in the tree next to you on your patio.

My hubs and I sat until the sky was dark. We just didn’t feel like we could dishonor what we were witnessing by turning our backs. To say this was quite possibly the most amazing sunset we had seen in our lives is understated. We both fell in love with that moment. Being silly and simple and allowing ourselves to stop and do nothing except stare in a childlike way into the sky. Marveling at the craftsmanship of such a generous gift.





Stolen Hearts

Going to take a little commercial break from my JMT posts. Just brief, I’ll be back at it in no time.


Sunset at Playa Tamarindo


Leaving Spokane for some SUN

We are back in Costa Rica now. Possibly our most favorite place on the planet. We started coming down here in 2007. Our first trip, all three kids in tow, changed us. Changed us in ways we never thought possible. G stayed 8 days before having to head back to the States. Our kiddos and I stayed a month. That sealed the deal, we were so taken by this beautiful and diverse country. So overcome with the climate, the people, the oh-so-chill atmosphere, that I honestly had a hard time coming back to the States after our month stint. I couldn’t even talk to friends and family about our time here because I was so emotional about the whole thing. This country captivated me and stole a piece of my heart that I knew I could never get back. Tears would flow as I spoke about my adoration of this place and felt that gut-pull of wanting to come back.


At the Saturday feria. Photo credit to our sweet soon-to-be daughter in law.

Forward to now; this is our sixth time to this country. It feels like home to us. We feel its ebb and flow in our heart like the swells of the ocean. We catch our grove quickly after arriving. We eat typico, we never miss a sunset, we shop as locals at the feria every Saturday. We walk everywhere, eat fresh, and try desperately to brush up on our Espanol. Living in Idaho doesn’t allow for a lot of language practice. I have learned to watch TV (when we do) in Spanish and read everything I can in Espanol. It comes back quickly, thank goodness. There is nothing better than conversing with Ticos. They are some of the warmest people we’ve encountered. They have infectious smiles and even more contagious laughs. They never miss an opportunity to show their warmth towards us!


Pura Vida

Speaking of Ticos, we just love learning from them. The language and their way of life and love are so simple. They live frugally compared to US standards but you’d never know it. They don’t seem too bothered or interested in making it big. They are humble and helpful to everyone around them. They DO work hard for what they have and they come home happy with what the day has allowed them. They have such pride in what they have, not boastful, but content with their life. They are sweet and genuine and love their families fully. They aren’t over-busy or over-stressed. Every day is full of Pure Vida.

img_0847This time we have decided to stay in Playa Tamarindo. We have been here before a few years ago, but only for a short weekend getaway from Esterillos Oeste. It’s bustling. It’s like the Cancun of Costa Rica. It’s full of gringos and backpackers from all over the world. It’s busy and full of bars and restaurants. It has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen (although I have YET to see a bad one in CR) and it produces some extraordinary sunsets. Its water is warm (like the rest of CR) and it has great waves for all levels of surfing. There are vendors and shops everywhere. It’s very different from what we are used to in CR. Definitely more touristy but so far we are enjoying it. It’s close to the Nicaraguan border. A plus as we are planning to drive to San Juan del Sur and Granada in the next few weeks. I would say for a quick trip to CR it’s a great place. Long term, may be debatable. For us anyways. We are not accustomed to staying in such a crowded place and prefer more of the laid back, quiet villages to over populated, tourist hangs.


A little SnapChat on the beach because….well, we are just dorks like that AND I laugh hysterically every time I see G’s face in this photo!

As we start our second week here we are definitely getting back into our grove with cooking at home and workouts. We are meeting friends and finding our favorite local shops. Coffee at Nordico is a must after a morning run and surf sesh and as I sit here sipping my cafe con leche I can hear at least 4 different languages being spoken. Incredible!fullsizerender

It’s so nice to be back here. It’s so free and allows us to clear our head of the chaos. It allows me to feel God at a whole new level. To see and taste the goodness of His love every day. To slow down, take a breath and marvel at what is important to us both.To quiet ourselves enough to hear His still small voice. To soak in salt water every day. To be nurtured by the sun. To eat pipa (Pipa fría is fresh chilled green coconut. It’s a perfect refreshment for a hot day – it is loaded with vitamins and gives you an instant burst of energy) and gallo pinto by the truckload! To allow what’s been bankrupt in ourselves to be filled.fullsizerender

De Dos Semanas en el Paraíso (Week Two in Paradise)

Week two is always by far the best week while we are here. We’ve settled in, we’ve slowed W A Y down, and really gotten into the flow of being in Costa Rica. We have spent a large part of this week surfing. Mainly in Jacó. Nice, soft, rideable waves that won’t kick your a$$ too badly. Most days.
As I surf more and more it teaches me so much patience. You cannot rush anything out there. It is a total love/hate relationship for me. You work so hard, paddle, paddle, paddle, out and wait. And wait. And….wait. Patience. The times that I rush, I always regret it because the ocean is all too quick to give me a “smack down.” And oftentimes, quite notably. But then it happens. Your patience gets rewarded. You are blessed by a perfect, beautiful wave, and all is right with the world…anything too soon, would’ve ended in a completely different ride. It reminds me, that rushing anything, ruins the experience, entirely. And that only through patience, do we get the spectacular and extraordinary.

We have hit quite a few beaches while here. One day at Playa Blanca. This little cove is beautiful. Crystal, blue,water, and a pristine, white beach. It’s a tanning beach. No waves but great swimming. This was where I donned my swim goggles and went for a actual swim. A training swim. The entire day, it was us, and 3 other people on the entire beach. Total seclusion!

We spent a day south in Manuel Antonio. We’ve been down there several times, but its a fun place to hang out, catch some sun and do some hiking in the rain forest. On this particular day, we saw, turtles, and two different types of monkeys. White-faced Capuchin and squirrel monkeys. It’s always fun while hiking to see these little guys playing in the trees (they are all over the rainforest) You hear one, then you can hear the whole neighborhood coming! Swinging from tree to tree. We watched them for a long time, and then off they went. We also spotted a couple of wayward raccoons, or maybe they spotted us….and our lunch.
M.A is a great little town with lots to see and do, and some pretty good restaurants. Even though this is probably our tenth time down there, it never gets old.

Hiking in Manuel Antonio

Hiking in Manuel Antonio

Jungle of M.A.

Jungle of M.A.

Trekking through in search of monkeys.

Trekking through in search of monkeys.

We had one night at home that we were without power, briefly. As we went about with our flashlights finding candles, we couldn’t help but hear this scratching sound. Now on a side note….noises here are just a way of life. At any second you can hear 30 different noises. Scarlet macaws, geckos, roosters, dogs, waves, wind, sirens, little cockatiel birds…you name it. But this was a scratch, scratch and then nothing. Then again, scratch scratch and then nothing. We figured some sort of bug had made its way in. Another side note…bugs….a way of life here. And my gosh, they are some of the most interesting bugs, ever. So we took flashlights to go in search of the source. Evidently a crab had decided to make our casa, his casa. And not the tiny hermit crabs that race all over the beaches here, this was an actual crab…..much bigger and he may have NOT been shown the door, but a nice pot of water.

I am still running the beach early, every morning. Soaking this all in. This is always when I have my best prayer time. Anytime I run alone, there is that intimate time with God.

I run out, always to beach left, and head towards Esterillos Centro and Este. I watch my feet hitting the sand, leaving my footprints as I run forward. As I leave them, I leave behind, something I need to let go of. Something weighting me down perhaps. Something I need forgiveness for.  Sometimes its something that has been stuck, that’s needs to be let go. I leave behind bad attitudes, bad thoughts, negativity, and anything weighing me down. I pray down the beach, leaving each and every piece of me, that needs let go of. And when I return, just like that! the footprints are gone. Washed away by the ocean tide. I have laid down the negative and God has taken it all away. I am able to pick up the positive on the way back. The answers I have been praying for. The questions I have given up to God. They are there, waiting, for my return. It makes me so thankful to see those footprints washed away, and feel so much lighter on the way back. This is also when I pray for my family and friends. Email messages that I have received. The fun Skype calls I have had. They all get lifted up. I love how knowing that just as the tide has washed away my footprints, God has washed all of the ugliness out of my life. And I’m brand new. Just like the miles of pristine sand ahead of me. I am so thankful for that, and that God is so merciful to me. I have had some pretty specific things answered for me on this trip. I’ve asked God for very clear direction, and opened and closed doors, and He gave me just that! Wow! What a story! What an adventure! What a God!!

If we were ever stranded here, I am making dresses out of these babies!!

If we were ever stranded here, I am making dresses out of these babies!!

Say hello to our little friend....ok actually they weren't that little.  And they were a little intimidating!

Say hello to our little friend….ok actually they weren’t that little. And they were a little intimidating!

Playa M.A.

Playa M.A.

Just lovin' life together.

Just lovin’ life together.

My birthday was this week. How lucky are G-man and I that we BOTH got to spend our birthdays in paradise? Not a bad way to do it, that’s for sure! However we are looking forward to celebrating with friends when we return home!

Not a bad way to wake up on your birthday. Gracias mi amor. Te hacen la vida maravillosa!!

Not a bad way to wake up on your birthday.
Gracias mi amor. Te hacen la vida maravillosa!!

One more week to go (and I’ve ALREADY got some things to tell you about, including: Hubs vs the jellyfish while surfing)

Beyond Blessed!!