New Running Shoes-Day 9


images-1I am a lover of shoes.  Any of you that have stepped foot into my dressing room (closet) know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a shoe girl!  Boots, pumps, sandals, stilettos, Uggs, Chuck Taylors, flip-flops, high heel, low heel…  I get giddy when new shoes enter the house.  But…running shoes..putting two of my loves together, well that’s just magical.  I have had the go-around with running shoes this season.  Switching brands, loving them, then switching back…OYE!!  It’s amazing when putting in long miles how one can put such dedication into their shoes.  However, as any runner knows, if you chose wrong….it’s ALL over!!  There is a multitude of things that can go wrong OR right!  There is something about slipping your feet into new shoes.  It’s unbelievably wonderful!

Short and sweet today….GOOD running shoes make the list of things I am thankful for right