Baby It’s Cold Outside


As a runner I am always looking for ways to hit the pavement EVEN when its cold outside.  Today…I woke up to temps that were negative 2 with a wind chill of negative 25.  Thats CHIILY!!  I can run in some pretty cold temps, but today…NO!  It’s not going to happen!

Most of us runners L O A T H the treadmill.  It’s only a necessary evil on the days that you just cannot be outside.  Safety first!

photoHere’s some great tips for keeping warm on these bitter cold, winter days.

LAYER! Thin, wicking layers are a must.  DO NOT wear cotton.  Cotton holds in that sweat and will keep you cold and wet.  Try 3 layers, a base, middle and outer Gore-text to keep the wind and precip out.

With forty percent of your body heat being lost through your head, make sure you wear a nice warm hat.  If it’s really cold, cover your face and mouth with a face mask or buff.  It warms the air you breathe as well as protecting your face.

Gloves. Protect your hands and feet.  Although nice wicking running gloves are great for most days, when it’s this cold, mittens are a better choice.  They allow your fingers to share heat.  Hand warmers are a great choice to slip into mittens to avoid getting frost bitten fingers.  Add a wicking sock liner under a warm polar fleece or wool sock, but make sure you have enough room in your running shoes to accommodate these thicker socks.  Also Gore-tex shoes are a great idea if you will be running in slush or wet snow.

Two words:  YakTrax. images-1

Make sure you let someone know your route and a general idea of your start and finish time.

Run with a buddy if they are brave enough to head out with you.

Carry your cell phone.  This is a HUGE NO for me usually when I run…but for these temps, its in the Spi Belt.

Make sure that you are replacing fluids even if you don’t feel like it.  When it’s cold, I am never thirsty, however, you are still sweating, and not drinking can lead to dehydration.

Have a warm change of clothes and  a nice hot beverage to get you warmed up when you finish that bitter cold run.

Always be safe out there.  And remember there are a lot of fun ways to get in that exercise on these cold days if you decide against the run.  Skiing; cross country or down hill and snow shoeing are two of my favorites!

How do you stay warm on these bitter cold days when you’re just itching for that outdoor run?


Ummm… It’s March!

What?  How did this happen?  I have gone 3 months without a single post.  And I do believe in my New Years post, I said, I wanted to keep up on this blog.  Here’s the deal…


And before I go getting upset about any part of that…well, I just don’t!  Getting upset about things…not in my DNA!

That's Right!

That’s Right!

So what have I been up to since January 1, 2013?  A whole-lotta-fun!  Had great holiday with my friends and family.  Rang 2013 in with some amazing friends, laughing and dancing…exactly where I wanted to be.  Surrounded by the people I love and love me right back!

January comes into Northern Idaho like an evil stepmom.  Just rough and cold and unforgiving.  You have to either embrace it, or you will be spending a lot of days and nights curled into a blanket with a snarling look on your face!  I’ve seen this look…and it’s not pretty!  So to combat the winter blahs…We snow-shoe.  We ski and jump into frozen lakes (well some do) and still do as much as we can outdoors.  Including running and training for our summer race season!  It’s hard, but you just


I had the great honor this winter to ski with a first timer.  A great friend of mine, who is overcoming and jumping the hurdle of a life long battle with severe asthma.  If you haven’t seen her blog, you need to!! (See it here)  Never before this year, has she been able to enjoy outdoor activities in the winter.  But she is kicking butt and having fun!  We have made some fabulous memories skiing this year!


How many skiers does it take to get a boot into a binding?


The Terrorists!

We also got to travel to White Fish, Montana this past month for a little ski trip with some friends of ours.  This was my first time taking on this mountain, and it was incredible.  Great powder, with amazing snow ghosts at the summit.  It was just a great time with one of our favorite families!!  The little town of White Fish is so quaint with fun, with little shops, some amazing restaurants, and truffles galore!  If you are a truffle-hog like myself, this little town offers truffle oil on EVERYTHING!!  And I had it on everything!



Gorgeous snow ghosts near the summit.


A little night skiing in White Fish, Montana

One week later after skiing our legs off in deep powder I boarded a plane to Kona, Hawaii with a friend.  It was literally a split-second decision.  From Friday night having dinner together and complaining about the cold, to booking a sun-filled, beach-lovin’, ocean-swimming trip the very next morning!  How’s that for spontaneity!?  I love being spontaneous!

Kona was fabulous!  We enjoyed every single second of warm, sunshine and beach that we could.  We soaked in Vitamin D like it was our job!  We snorkeled with some giant turtles, one,who seemed extremely interested with the bling on my bikini.  I think he may have been asking for a date.  We lounged!  We drank yummy drinks and ate incredible food.  We went on a whale watching tour.  The whales are there having their babies right now.  They are amazing,  gigantic, beautiful creatures.  We saw them breeching several times!  We decided one day to have a little fun adventure and went to “Flume the Ditch”  This was so much fun.  We laughed the entire time, while we kayaked down the Kohala Ditch, in and out of underground tunnels, for about 2 1/2 miles.  We learned a lot about the island from our amazing guide!  We decided to go and chase some waterfalls, and spent the day over in Hilo.  It’s such a different landscape from the Kona side.  We took off in the morning, with the top off of our little Jeep, and before we knew it we were pulled over replacing the top.  Taking the fun and CRAZY Saddle Road to Hilo was an adventure in itself.  What we didn’t anticipate as we climbed our way between two volcanos is, that even on a tropical island, it can get COLD in the mountains.  The 90-minute drive to Hilo was like being on Mr Toads Wild Ride.  Up and down big hills, making our stomachs drop, all while twisting and turning.  “Hands up!”  Hilo, was magical.  Thick jungle, dripping, humid, rain forests, waterfalls. We spent the day exploring, driving the Hamakua coast, doing some shopping and having a great meal before heading back to Kona.  Our trip was a great time to unwind, catch up with friends, relax, and boost our immune system through ridiculous bouts of laughter.  A, D and S…I’m still looking for giant centipedes!! HAHA!


Hapuna Beach


Never missed a sunset!


Rainbow Falls- Hilo, Hawaii


Akaka Falls- Hilo, Hawaii


Cruisin’ on the Body Glove boat for our whale cruise!


Puako Beach


Flumin’ the Ditch


Puako Beach

Now that I have been back for 19 days…I am again craving the sunshine!!  So off we go!  To our home away from home, Costa Rica!

Keep ya posted…..

  ~Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain